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Layered Voice Analysis 6.50

Xact Analysis offers an investigative and ongoing service to help businesses curb potential losses and save money. We enable employers and investigators to expose workplace theft and disloyalty issues, and to create a deterrent.

Xact Analysis utilises a new solution to detect deceit and to verify truth: Nemesysco’s LVA6.50™. The system is based on Layered Voice Analysis technology designed to be used as an investigation focus tool. We provide truth verification services by doing voice analysis through computer technology. Whole conversations are analysed and not just yes/no answers. The analysis process can be done in real-time yet conversations are also recorded to enable off-line, detailed analysis and reporting. The final report provides comprehensive data and robust quantitative results that can be used together with other information obtained by the client.



· Professional Voice Analysis for any recorded material:

     o Investigations

          § Corruption

          § Company Fraud

          § Theft of Company Assets

          § Employee Theft

          § Company Vehicle Accidents

· Human Resources

     o General Honesty Maintenance

          § Unidentified criminal activity within the work place

     o Pre-Employment Vetting

          § Previous Conviction

          § Undeclared previous Employment Dismissal

          § Previous Undetected Crimes

          § Syndicate Involvement

          § Narcotic Usage

          § Alcohol Usage

· Insurance Claim Validation



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