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Lie detector test  Melville  has Been in existence for the past 18 years we are a set of highly skilled investigators that over years of experience can provide you with the truth and nothing but the whole truth.

Upon recruiting a new member into your organisation, it this most relevant to carry out a polygraph test in order to avoid upcoming theft, Dishonesty, and any negative impact to your business.

The costs associated with commercial crime increases yearly, and if any company is to protect its interests before things like this occur, then pre-employment polygraph testing needs to be carried out.

Dealing with the loss of sensitive company information, theft, fraud, sexual harassment and more becomes expensive, especially once a company finds itself at the wrong end of an expensive lawsuit.

Pre-employment polygraph tests carried out by SPS are especially valuable to the following business sectors:
? Home and business security companies for Lie detector test cost Melville
? Banking
? Casino’s
? Manufacturing
? Retail
? Insurance

wherever there is information of high value, whether in goods or intelligence and information, protection is a necessity!

Lie detector test  Melville  as a skilled team greatly encourage companies to perform Pre employment Polygraph tests.

Making sure that you are not hiring a criminal with well-hidden digital tracks, sexual offenders, fraudsters, is an investment well worth making for any company.

A pre-employment polygraph test will also help to root out any underlying issues with drugs or alcohol, which does help you to avoid problems once the person is hired

Lie detector tests in   Melville  has to give permission for the polygraph test to be carried out and needs to be notified that this is strictly carried out on a completely voluntary basics 

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Lie detector test  Melville  are here for you and your company!