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In Gauteng  today there are many criminal offences that can be prevented should the correct proto calls be followed. Many activities can be prevented and money within an organisation saved.

The term  polygraph Gauteng refers to the manner in which selected physiological activities are recorded.

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Polygraph is a test used to verify a person’s truthfulness and is often called a ‘Lie Detector Test.

Polygraph testing in Gauteng  is a fairly new concept in South Africa, especially in disputes relating to employment relationships. There is no legislation at this point to control the use of the test or to protect the employee’s right against the abuse of the test.

A company cannot force you to take apolygraph test. One has to give a written consent before the procedure is carried out. One cannot be compelled to undergo a polygraph test.

Generally, the accused is only permitted to undergo a polygraph test to investigate incidents like Theft, Fraud dishonestly and drugs, lies regarding true identity, These are just a few examples.

The results of polygraph Gauteng  can only be given to anauthorised person within an organisation.

polygraph Gauteng  results at a CCMA case can be used as expert evidence.

Our team player is able to communicate in the following Languages fully.

  • English
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Polygraph Gauteng

Ways one can prepare their selves for a polygraph test Be prepared to tell the truth, Schedule your appointment at the beginning of the day or right after lunch when you are still feeling fresh and alert. Get a good night’s sleep. Do not stay up late watching television or reading. Get up on time in the morning to give yourself plenty of time to get ready without rushing. One has to remain calm during these tests and listen very carefully. One question can be rephrased in many different ways so if you not listening carefully your answers could differ and this one can assume that you are guilty.

There are also times where the results of the test are not concluded this is due to the fact that the examiner was provided with insufficient information or facts which leaves factual data unresolved.

This is polygraph Gauteng  promise to you

  • We will respect and protect both the dignity and the civil rights of those with whom we have professional dealings.
  • We will always devote ourselves with the truth and nothing but the truth
  • We will maintain the highest standard of qualification, taking on no task for which we are not thoroughly prepared for.
  • We will conduct ourselves always as professional’s place in a unique position and the public trust

Polygraph Gauteng  treat this information as very confidential and private. We are unable to disclose this information to any unauthorised persons.

polygraph tests in Gauteng are a team that is very experienced and excellent in obtaining the truth and nothing but the truth at all times.

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