Finally, Polygraph Testing Johannesburg offers its unique service is polygraph testing.  We have qualified examiners who have are highly skilled and qualified to conduct polygraph testing. Polygraph Testing Johannesburg has been in business for many years and has become the preferred polygraph company to go with. WhatsApp us now for the best polygraph pricing in Johannesburg.

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A polygraph test is conducted off-site or on-site.  It enables employers to have their staff undergo a polygraph for and criminal background check test and is legal to conduct one at any given time. 

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Secondly, for larger companies, some employers conduct a polygraph test every few months or when they suspect any unusual activity from any of the employees.  In South Africa, it is legal to conduct polygraph tests and is always in the best interest of the employer.  We have also conducted many polygraphs for individual circumstances and we are 100% confidential when it comes to polygraphs. We are the best in polygraph testing and our results are 98% full proof.

Polygraph Testing Johannesburg

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Thirdly, all our examiners are fully trained and know exactly how to ask questions to get the best results.  Polygraph Testing Johannesburg will ask a series of questions, we will ask the employer what needs to be asked and put it in a question for the employee to answer.  In most cases, questions are asked directly and getting straight to the point.  We offer a limited amount of questions to be asked so that we can get the result that you require.

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Finally, Polygraph Testing Johannesburg offers testing on your premises and will bring with us all the necessary equipment needed to conduct the test. If you are a large company we can assist with testing up to 30 employees a day.  We have done many of the well-known large companies and they continue to use our service every few months as they have made it mandatory for all employees to get a polygraph every few months.

Polygraph Testing Johannesburg

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Finally, we are Professional and confidential at all times.  We offer same-day results, we are highly trained and skilled examiners. Moreover, we come with Over 20 years of experience.

Polygraph Testing Johannesburg pride itself as professionals and guarantee full-proof results no matter what. 

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We assist with the following tests that can be conducted Relationship lie detector tests and Infidelity lie detector tests.